The employment of innovation assistants within the framework of a company innovation project is funded by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Women and Family from funds of the European Social Fund is promoted.

The technical development in the field of engineering and industrial surveying is progressing rapidly. New measurement methods, such as indoor mapping, enable ever faster and more economical shooting. According to the company motto "Always one step ahead" it is the goal of Hemminger Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH to open up new business fields for the field of indoor mapping.

The new and innovative indoor mapping enables centimeter accurate scanning and virtualization of buildings:

Areas of application and target groups are included:

  • Digital Factory Planning
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Facility Management
  • Museums, exhibitions, fairs
  • Shopping malls, retail
  • Real estate industry, reinsurer
  • Aircraft construction etc.

Indoor mapping enables us to reach new customers and realize their specific requirements. We see great potential for future projects in the following areas, among others:

  • Development and management of databases (Oracle, mySQL)
  • Collection, modelling and analysis of geoinformation based on trolley data from indoor mapping
  • Development of software tools (e.g. attachments to existing CAD programs such as AutoCAD, Microstation, Revit) as well as in-house developments
  • Visualization and presentation of geoinformation
  • Dissemination of geoinformation
  • 3D visualization, augmented reality
  • Card design and production
  • Development of optimized workflows for the acquisition and processing of 3D data

Possible optimization approaches are monitored and revised, and economic efficiency and sustainability of processes are developed.

The aim is to define the main processes, to support customers with their specific requirements and to transfer the acquired knowledge to other employees of Hemminger Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH.