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BIM management and BIM coordination

BIM-compliant recording of existing buildings

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We create the foundations for the building of the future.

The basic idea of BIM is the close networking of all those involved in the construction and management of a building. The basis is a three-dimensional building model, the so-called virtual twin of the real building. All building data are digitally recorded and are available to the respective responsible parties during the entire building life cycle - from planning to construction to use.

Improved communication ensures high construction quality and noticeable increases in efficiency. Weak points and optimisation possibilities can be recognised early on and easily dealt with.

Memberships and commitment

Since 2019, the Hemminger Ingenieurbüromember has been a member of the coordination circle of the BIM-Cluster Baden-Württemberg e.V.

The BIM Cluster Baden-Württemberg has set itself the task of bringing together companies and institutions such as universities on the subject of BIM. It is all about networking and exchange.

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