Sebastian Schütze and Christopher Drescher are checking the points connection in the Stuttgart Feuerbach tunnel (S21 Lot A) today. Since 9 a.m. they have been using the Gilli, our track measuring car (here a more detailed report on the technology we have been using since 2021) will carry out control measurements before the concrete is poured on Monday.

The spotlights on the inner walls of the tunnel are like spotlights on a stage. Here, between the tracks and on the shoulder on the right and left, the two tinkerers are doing precision work.

During the control measurements of the switch connection

"Hemminger is responsible for construction supervision and surveying in the project. Today, it's all about checking whether the points have been set up correctly in terms of position and height," explains Sebastian, who is in charge of the project.

With the high accuracy requirements in the project, the Gilli can unleash its full potential. The two colleagues are fascinated by the high-precision technology.

Teammates are fascinated by the highly accurate technology

Christopher, who is responsible for plan review in the project, explains: "We keep coming across new sticking points. For example, the route data is subject to constant change. We are then challenged to find new approaches and formulas based on the peculiarities of the train paths and also the planning."

The passion for the new unites all members of our Special Surveying / Infrastructure Projects team, which also includes Armin Schopp in Quality Management and as a deputy for Sebastian Schütze and Yannik Leippert in the Field Service Measurement Team.

The two tinkerers with the Gilli

"The result of our work today is a target/actual comparison. The client and the construction supervisor will receive this later. The deviations in position, height, gauge and cant must not exceed a value x," Sebastian concludes.

When you leave the tunnel, it's like emerging again into the world we know. Out of the unknown, the exciting glimpses below the surface.