Quality as a success factor

Quality Management



Occupational safety with a system

Since 2011, Hemminger has successfully participated in the certification for "ISO 9001:2015" in both companies. Another important pillar of our quality management system is the topic "Occupational Health and Safety with System" (AMS) since 2014.

The introduction of an AMS enables our company to be more customer-oriented. It gives us the opportunity to react to the requirements and changes of the market in a more accurate and target-oriented manner, while reducing occupational health and safety risks.
Our AMS can only be brought to life by our employees. Every employee is jointly responsible for quality assurance, quality management and the implementation of occupational health and safety measures throughout the company. If we secure the existence of our company on the market through high quality, economic efficiency and a high standard of occupational health and safety, we preserve our jobs and protect our employees and customers. Additional advantages of quality management lie in the fact that we are better able to deal with complaints and replacement claims from our customers and secure our competitiveness compared to other suppliers.
Every employee is required to critically examine the requirements set out in the manual in his or her daily work. In this way, they contribute to optimising our processes and constantly adapting them to the current requirements of our customers and business partners.

It is the aim of Hemminger to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and employees by involving and motivating all employees and suppliers as well as implementing a properly documented quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

In our eyes, only your project counts

The goal of Hemminger with its more than 200 employees in various branches throughout Germany is to be a market leader in geodesy in Germany. We want to offer solutions with high service quality for our customers. We are not afraid to develop new ideas and products. We provide high benefits for all customers.

Cooperation is a prerequisite and an obligation for us at the same time. Together with our customers we want to grow steadily.


Customer focus

  • Meeting the expectations of our customers is the best way to permanently secure jobs
  • The customer ensures our existence, our work is not an end in itself
  • Our quality standards are the expectations of our customers
  • Our long-standing customer relationships are based on the wide range of our capabilities and commitment

Employee Focus

  • We require self-confident and critical employees who help shape and develop the future
  • Every individual works with a high degree of responsibility and finds personal fulfillment in joint success
  • Each one of us is to know the requirements of his/her customers, in order to fulfill them effectively, responsibly and with the required quality
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