Our services in the field of experts

Preparation of expert opinions

Determine facts

Expert opinions for insurance companies

Regular inspections and monitoring

Analyzing and evaluating

Support of expert committees

Your contact person in the expert area

Take precautions before it's too late.

We are your expert in the field of engineering surveying (building law, location of buildings, neighbourhood law) as well as in the calculation of residential and usable areas.

Before any ambiguities and disputes arise, we record the facts for you in accordance with the legally valid requirements.

From the initial consultation to the resolution of the problem, I will be happy to assist you. Recognize in time when it becomes necessary to call in an expert.

With my professional and neutral competence a healthy basis for problem solving is found at any time. Trust in decades of experience.

Should it still go to court, I can provide you with an expert opinion. 

Thomas G. Nußbaum
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Surveying
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Economics

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