Our services in the area of preservation of evidence / deformation observation

Evidence-protection measurements provide assured statements about the stability of existing buildings or construction works, as well as measurement results for the preparation of expert reports in the event of damage.

Taking evidence measurements before the start of construction prevents unjustified claims for damages from neighbours and is the most effective means of early damage detection. 

We would be pleased to carry out a joint preservation of evidence procedure (geodetic and structural engineering) for you.

When securing evidence, the structural condition of the plants is documented in different eras. For this purpose, objects in a defined sphere of influence of a future structural measure are recorded before construction begins, and with the participation of all involved.

The securing of evidence consists of securing constructional evidence, presentation of the current situation and documentation of construction damage, such as cracks, moisture and other structurally relevant damage to the building substance, as well as geodetic evidence preservation – metrological determination and verification of settlement and positional changes of buildings or installations.

Geodetic evidence preservation is an important component of damage management. Before the construction work begins, experts or experts in the interests of the owners must be instructed to secure the evidence in order to identify and evaluate any damage that may occur and to be attributed to the construction project. Continuous control recordings during and after completion of the construction project allow reliable statements to be made about the temporal change. Based on our reliable measurements and analyses, we help you to claim possible compensation claims in the event of damage.

Accurate measurement data enable damage evaluation and cause research.